Medical Tourism

Santek Medical Tourism Travel Agency was founded in 2019 aim, through the “Green Line” concept with patients from all over the world right treatment in Turkey, in the right place at the right time, and they have safely with the right cost.

This frame structure in the patient’s first consultation with our doctor is made directly, are identified in need of treatment and treatment planning done, the patient is determined to treat hospital and treatment costs in Turkey. The process, which starts with the transfer of information directly to the patient by the physician, can be followed through all stages of treatment and incoming services, and through the technological system, software and management infrastructure developed specifically for this concept.

Patient-specific accurate and effective treatment will be planned and implemented to hospitals and / or made of physician choice, to cover all incoming needs of patients in the territory of Turkey and trained attendant staff of the patients with services such be taken to minimize the difficulties could face this grueling road and a comfortable treatment in all health institutions we provide the process.


Our services

As Santek Medical Tourism Travel Agency, within the scope of “Green Line” concept; With our experience in the sector since 1996, especially in the field of Oncology,

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Our Service Partners

Medical Park Hospital Group

Turkey’s most common health group MLP Care Medical Park Hospital in the flagship of the group, with 14 thousand employees and operates 25 hospitals in 17 provinces. It has grown rapidly since 1993, and today it provides services with a total of 167 operating rooms and a bed capacity of 4,100.

MedicalPark Hospitals, which set out with the principle that “living healthy and benefiting from health services equally is the most fundamental right”, has been certified with the American origin Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

Liv Hospital

For Liv Hospital, whose name was inspired by the initials of “Leading International Vision” by aiming to be one of the leading health institutions in the world in clinical data, the word “live” in English became the most important symbol of its purpose of existence.

With its patient-oriented approach, distinguished physician staff, healthcare personnel, medical infrastructure and technology, Liv Hospital provides services with 154 beds, 8 operating rooms and 50 clinics.